Jennifer and Armando’s Romantic Dallas Engagement Session at White Rock Lake Park

Jennifer and Armando have huge hearts. What I noticed right away was how kind and loving they are with each other, and how good it felt being around them! They said “I love you” a few times while we were shooting – it just couldn’t be sweeter. Their images express tenderness, adoration, and romance, and the way Jennifer described their relationship made my heart fuller than usual. There is such profound respect and admiration of the other person and they share a strong passion for animals, environment,and the outdoors. Jennifer and I talked about her ceremony early on, which is a Catholic mass, because I wanted to be honest with her that I didn’t have much experience with Catholic weddings. She admitted she was learning about them also, so we’re in the same boat! Their ceremony may be a departure from what I usually do, but they are the perfect couple for me! I remember thinking there was something special about her when she first wrote to me, and boy was I right. I’m so glad they found me and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in San Antonio this summer!

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There’s nothing like a man that can crack himself up with his own puns.
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